When you want to gift someone you need to know about their likes and dislikes. Many a time, you may not know which item would be suitable for them as gift. In such a case it is better to go in for the gift cards. One of the very popular gift cards is the iTunes gift card.

There are many websites that are offering free Free iTunes Codes and you can choose one of those to gift or for your personal use.

Free iTunes Codes

What is a gift card?

You can buy the gift card from apple to gift it someone who has the products of this company such as iPod, iPad, iPhone or mac laptop or computer. You can purchase these gift cards that allow the user to subscribe to the apple store for a certain period of time or can purchase just anything from the store.

But it is not always necessary to shell out your hard earned money for being in possession of these gift cards. You can find many websites that are ready to give away these cards for free for wither registering with them or through a lucky draw or just for the promotion purpose.

How to redeem a gift card?

You can even get the card from http://itunescash.com/ easily. For redeeming the card you need to follow the instructions that are given at the back of the card and you will be able t use the card. If you want you can just click a photo of the pin code on the card using your apple device or your macbook. This will send the data to the apple centre and you will be allowed to use the card. The redeeming is a very easy task as you have to just enter the pin code and you are good to go.